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About Incendant


We help patients better understand their conditions and treatment by translating healthcare lingo into understandable and engaging video so patients can truly participate in their healthcare. At the same time, we make it easy for providers to educate and activate patients before, during and after care using automated SMS and email messaging.


Emergency physicians Shaun Gogarty and Tom Greidanus empathized deeply with their patients, who struggled to understand their medical problems and treatments. Medical terminology, the chaos of the emergency department and illness and injury made it extremely difficult for patients to understand the explanations about their condition and care. Ultimately Shaun and Tom partnered with IT and film expert Joseph Hunt to address this lack of patient engagement.

Hundreds of studies have shown improved outcomes, lower costs and even lower mortality when patients are actively engaged in their healthcare. Unfortunately, clinicians have little time or expertise to educate patients. Patients who struggle to understand their care and treatments are poorly engaged. The results are bad outcomes, low satisfaction and higher costs of care.

Having survived the onerous implementation of EHR’s, the founders knew their solution had to help patients and reduce clinician’s workload. The Incendant solution activates and educates patients, using digital media and automated messaging. It monitors, quantifies and reports patient progress to the clinician. In the time it takes to educate one patient, Incendant can activate thousands of patients over multiple days and report their level of engagement. The result is extraordinary, measurable improvement in quality and economic outcomes.

Before scheduled care (e.g. endoscopy and joint replacement): Incendant’s digital media and automated messaging dramatically reduce no- shows. Staff time needed to contact and educate patients is nearly eliminated. A 74% reduction in no-shows at one facility was estimated to increase yearly revenue by ~$800,000!

During patient care (e.g. Inpatient or outpatient): Digital media at the bedside (available on any platform) frees up staff from lengthy explanations. The quality and consistency of the message is dramatically improved. Most clinicians report a 50% reduction in time spent explaining diagnoses and medications! For beside procedures, Incendant’s videos effortlessly provide informed consent and documentation. That feature reduces liability according to a major malpractice carrier.

After patient care (e.g. Transitional, home care): Digital media and automated messaging to patients after discharge from inpatient care reduces readmissions (25% at one Level II trauma center). Further, it improves patient satisfaction while reducing staff time on the phone.

Advanced care planning ACP (e.g. end of life and living wills): Incendant’s digital media and automated messaging enables providers and payers to proactively engage with their respective patient and policy holders. The result is that more people complete and share their advance directives.


  • What is Incendant? Incendant is company devoted to bridging the gap between what clinicians say and patients understand through the use of digital media and technology.

  • What is the Incendant Platform? Incendant’s web-based program is at incendant-engage.com. As a client, you will be able to access all of the platform’s patient engagement tools. You can use pre-defined video/email templates or modify them as you see fit. Templates can be branded with your organization’s logo, colors and contact information. These video/email templates can then be sent in pre-defined sets of automatically timed (Carepaths) or modified to your preference. As video/emails are received by patients, their level of engagement is reported as red, yellow or green. You can also review each patient’s activity including opens, clicks and views to guide further intervention.
  • What type of hardware is needed? The program runs on any hardware (PC’s, tablets and smartphones) that can access an internet browser. Patients can receive video messages on their smartphones or PC’s by email or SMS.
  • What topics are covered? Presently, the major diseases responsible for readmission penalties – AMI, CHF, COPD, Pneumonia and Joint Replacement – are covered with multiple videos about the conditions and treatments. Many common procedures – cardiac, respiratory, GI, Sleep and radiology – are also covered. Additionally, the majority of conditions seen in urgent cares and emergency departments can be addressed with our videos.
  • Are there other videos? Custom videos can also be produced.
  • Is an internet connection required to show the videos? No, the “Engage” portion of the platform can be configured on a device so that it can be shown independent of an internet connection.
  • What languages are included? The videos have audio in English and Spanish dubbed.  There is closed captioning in English and Spanish.  Additional languages can be added for an additional fee.
  • Is “branding” of the program possible? Yes, logos can be added and colors changed. Emails can be standardized, customized and/or personalized for your organization.
  • How is the content reviewed and validated? A team of practicing physicians and nurses develops the content.  This group reviews the content annually and updates it as needed.
  • Are there paper handouts? Yes, a PDF with the content of each video is available on-line.
  • What is the cost of 360° Engage? Access to the platform, for most facilities, starts at $1000/month
  • Is technical help available? Yes, by phone and email.