PILOT Health Tech NYB

Incendant LLC was in NYC this past week as part of PILOT Health Tech NYC.  This competition provides funding of up to $100,000 each to 10 innovative pilot projects to take place in New York City. The program seeks to match early-stage healthcare technology companies (‘innovators’) with key NYC healthcare service organizations or individuals (‘hosts’). Over 170 healthcare technology companies submitted entries to PILOT Health Tech NYC and the top 70 were interviewed Feb 20-21 by the host organizations.  Incendant met with:

  1. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

They are the world’s largest and oldest private cancer center and are challenged with educating patients regarding difficult diagnosis and treatment options.  They are still using paper for patient education and are interested in using technology to improve understanding.  We discussed a pilot project using the Incendant education product in the inpatient setting and adding additional cancer diagnosis and treatment videos to the library.

  1. NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygeine (Primary Care Information Project)

We discussed the challenge of managing chronic disease and the impact of poor health literacy.  Smoking Cessation and improved management of Diabetes, HTN, and High Cholesterol would make a huge difference to the health of their patient population.The PCIC is planning to pilot education kiosks in selected outpatient clinics and is considering partnering with Incendant for the educational content.

  1. NYU College of Dentistry

Representatives from the Bluestone center where present and we discussed their research in oral cancer surgery.  Oral cancer and treatment is quite painful.  They have difficult and serious disease to explain as well as side effects of treatments such as mucositis. They are interested in educating their patients with the Incendant product as well as using it to study pain in this population through follow up surveys and responses to pain in a patient’s own words.